1. abandon /?'b?nd(?)n/ v. 放弃,舍弃,离弃 (近desert, give up, quit) n. 尽情,放纵


abandon oneself to 沉湎于;陷入

with abandon 恣意地;放纵地;尽情地

abandoned adj. 被遗弃的;放纵的


①Feeling frustrated, I found I gradually abandoned myself to games.感到很沮丧,我渐渐地沉迷于游戏中。

②At the party, people sang and danced with abandon, totally forgetting the troubles in their lives.


③We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago.我们看到了一些被遗弃的农场,它们都建于100多年以前。


abandon,desert, give up均有“放弃”的意思。



give up为常用词,常用于口语。



Since his wife abandoned him,he abandoned himself to alcohol, living on an abandoned farm. 由于他的妻子抛弃了他,他沉迷酒精,住在一个废弃的农场。

2. able /'e?b(?)l/ a. 能够的;有能力的,能干的


be able to do sth. 能够做某事 (同be capable of)

ability n. 能力;才干

to the best of one’s ability竭尽全力

display one's ability表现自己的才能

develop one's ability in 发挥自己……才能

ability for(in) ……的能力

ability to do(做)……的能力

unable a. 不能的,无能力的

enable v. 使能够;使成为可能

enable sb. to do sth.使某人能够做某事

disable v. 使失去能力,使残废

disabled a.残疾的

disability n. 残疾


His ability enables him to get a good job. him. 他的能力让他找到一个好工作。


Though disabled, he didn’t abandon himself. He is able to support himself. His disability is unable to stop him from living normally. 他虽然残疾,但是没有自暴自弃。他能够养活自己。他的残疾不能妨碍他正常生活。

3. about /?'ba?t/ad.大约;到处;四处;prep. 关于;在各处;四处 (近around)


talk about 谈论

walk about 到处溜达

move about 走来走去

throw about 到处扔

be about to do sth. 正要/即将做某事

be about to do sth. when即将做某事就……

How/What about…? ……怎么样?


How about walking about in the park? 去公园里逛逛怎么样?


The disabled man was about to move about when the doctor stopped him. 那个残疾人正要四处走动,医生拦下了他。

4. above /?'b?v/ prep. 在……上面,超过(近over);a.上面的;ad. 在上面,以上


above all 首先,首要的是

above one's head 超过…的理解力

above one's income 入不敷出

over and above 除…之外(还);多于;过于,太

above sea level 海拔高度


We should value health above wealth. 我们应该重视健康胜于财富。


According to the above data, our products have gone above the norm, above all, the meat products. 根据以上数据,我们的所有产品都已经高于标准,尤其是肉类产品。


above,over,on均有“在……上方,在……之上”意义。above和over均指一个物体比另一个物体所处的位置高,且互不接触,但over强调两个物体同处在一个垂直线上,“在……正上方”,其反义词是under。而above不一定“在……正上方”,其反义词是below。on是指一个物体在另一个物面的上面,两物体互相接触。over还可表示“在……上面”即接触并铺盖其上面,还有“遍及”意义,而 above无此含义。on的反义词是beneath。

5. abroad /?'br??d/ ad. 到/在国外,到/在海外 (同overseas)


at home and abroad在国内外

be all abroad茫然不解,离题太远

be all abroad to do anything with 对……一窍不通。 from abroad 从国外,从海外

get abroad①出去,出门②(谣言)传出去,传开

go [travel] abroad 到外国,出洋


①He abandoned the plan to go abroad for further study due to disability. 他因为残疾放弃了出国深造的计划。

②He's never been abroad in his life. 他有生以来没有出过国。


The disabled man’s experience of struggling abroad moves people at home and abroad.




6. absent /??bs?nt / a. 缺席的;心不在焉的


be absent from … 未出席……,缺席……(be present at 出席)

absent-minded = absence of mind心不在焉的

absence n.缺乏,不存在

absence from 缺席……

absence of mind 心不在焉,精神恍惚

in the absence of 由于缺乏;(物)不存在;缺少/席

during/in one's absence

= during/in the absence of sb.在某人不在/缺席的时候


①He was absent from the meeting for one reason or another.他因为某种原因而没有出席会议。

②However, learning English as a foreign language is very difficult in the absence of a native language environment.然而,在缺乏母语环境的情况下学习作为外语的英语相当困难。

③I will go on a business trip tomorrow; Mark will be in charge of the company in my absence.明天我要去出差;我不在时马克管理公司。

④He failed in the exam because of his absence of mind.他因心不在焉而考试不及格。


Above 5 pupils were absent from class in the head teacher’s absence. 在班主任不在时,超过五个学生翘课。

7. absorb /?b'z??b; -'s??b/ v. 吸收(同take in);吸引


(1)absorb/attract/draw one's attention吸引某人的注意力

be absorbed by/into为……所吸收;被……吞并(吸引)

(2)absorbed adj. 全神贯注的,专注的

(be) absorbed in … 全神贯注于……

(3)absorbing adj. 十分吸引人的,引人入胜的

absorption n. 吸收;全神贯注,专心致志


①The writer was absorbed in his writing so that he forgot to have his lunch.这位作家专注于写作,结果忘了吃午饭。

②Alcohol may take a few minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream and start action on the brain.



Only if you are absorbed in what you are reading can you absorb the main point. 只有当你全神贯注于你所读的东西时,你才能吸收要点。

易错点拨be absorbed in结构在句中作状语或定语时,常用absorbed in…形式。类似的结构还有:

①be lost in 专心致志于……

②be caught/trapped in 被困在……

③be buried in 埋头于……

④be involved in 专注于……

⑤be devoted to 专心于……

⑥be occupied in 忙于……

8. accept/?k?sept/ vt.接受;承认;同意;接纳



acceptable adj. 可接受的

accepted adj.普遍接受的,一般公认的

acceptant adj.愿接受的,开放的

acceptance n. 接受;接纳;赞同


①I have no choice but to accept the challenge. 我没有别的选择只能接受挑战。

②I cannot accept you as my assistant.我不能答应你当我的助手。

③We've accepted that we'll vote tomorrow.我们同意明天表决。


Your apology is unacceptable, so I refuse to acceptit. 你的道歉不可接受,因此我拒绝接受。




9. access /'?kses/ n. 通道;进入;方法,途径;v.到达,进入;访问,获取(计算机数据)


(1)access to … ……的通路;……的权利

have/get/gain/obtain access to …得以接近/会见/进入……

be easy [hard, difficult] of access 容易[难]接近的;容易[难]进去的;容易[难]会见的

within easy access of 容易去到……的地方

(2)accessible adj. 可进入的;可使用的

be accessible to 可进入;可用


①We can get access to various information we need through the screen.我们可以通过屏幕获得我们需要的各种信息。

②All the sites are free to the public and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.所有这些网站都是免费向公众开放的,通过互联网,任何人都可登陆。

③The reason why she likes city life is that she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants.她喜欢城市生活的原因是她能够很容易地光顾商店、餐馆等地方。


The information should be accessible to all. Namely, everyone has access to it. 信息应该向所有人公开。即,人人都可以获取信息。

【形近对比】success n. 成功,assess vt. 评定;估价。

10. accident /'?ks?d?nt/ n. 事故;偶然/意外的事


by accident偶然地,意外地 (同by chance)(反by design, on purpose)

meet with an accident 遭不测

without accident 平安,无恙

accidental a. 偶然/意外的

accidentally ad. 意外地,偶然地


①She was killed in a trafc accident.她死于交通事故。

②He made the mistake whether by accident or by design. 不知她是偶然还是故意去犯这个错误的。


Accidentally, the unlucky girl met two accidents at the same spot. 很偶然,这个倒霉的女孩在同一地点遇到了两起事故。



accident 强调事件(故)出于偶然或意料。常是人们不愿它发生的不幸事故,如车祸、飞机失事等意想不到的事件。event指历史上的大事件,或国内外大事或各种隆重活动,也指体育比赛项目;

incident 常指小事件或附带事件。或是event(指重大事件)中一个枝节或小插曲。

11. account /?'ka?nt/ n. 账目;账目;叙述,报道,描写;解释,理由


(1)on no account 决不(位于句首时引起部分倒装)

on account of 因为,由于(同because of)

on one’s account为(某人)利益,依靠

give an account of 报告;叙述;说明

take sth. into account=take account of对某事加以考虑

turn sth.to account利用

(2)account for 解释,说明,(比例)占

accounting 会计学 accountant会计人员


①If you want to study accounting, you must take your interest into account. 如果你想学会计,你必须考虑到你的兴趣。

②On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge, as well as practical experience.我们绝对不能忽略知识的价值,以及实际的经验。

③How do you account for making so many mistakes in your homework? 你如何解释作业中犯这么多错误的原因?


On account of the dark night, the witness was not able to give a detailed account of the accident. 由于天很黑,证人无法对事故作详细的说明。

12. achieve /?'t?i?v/ vt. 取得;获得;实现;成功


(1)achieve one’s aims/goals达到目标

achieve success获得成功

(2)achievement n.成就;功业;完成;达到

a sense of achievement成就感

make great achievements取得巨大的成功

achievable a. 可完成的;可有成就的;做得成的(反unachievable)


① He was offering a way for us to change our lives and achieve our dreams. 他为我们提供了改变生活和实现梦想的途径。

②Seeing the lines of trees we had planted, we all had a real sense of achievement. 看到我们种植的树木,我们都有真正的成就感。

③In the last few years,China has made great achievements in environmental protection. 近几年来,中国在环境保护方面取得了巨大成就。



13. act /?kt/ n. 行动;法令,条例;一幕;v. 表演,扮演,演出;行动,做事


act as 担任……职务,起……作用

act on(upon)按照……而行事,对……起作用

act out 把……表演出来;把……付诸行动

act up to不辜负,遵照

actor/actress n. 男/女演员

action n. 行动;活动;功能

be in action在活动;在运转;在战斗

be out of action失去作用,停止运行

take action采取行动

active a. 积极的;活跃的;主动的

take an active part in积极参加


actual a. 真实的,实际的

actually ad.实际上;事实上


Actually, the hero is acted by an actress. She
takes action to achieve success. 实际上,那个主角是一个女演员演的。她采取行动获得了成功。


As a boy, the actor took an active part in activities after school. 还是男孩时,这位演员就积极参加课外活动。

14. adapt /?'d?pt/ v. 使适应 (同adjust);改编/写


(1) adapt (oneself) to (doing) sth. 适应(做)某事adapt …from … `根据……改写/改编……

adapt …for … 改(编)……为……之用

(2) adaptable adj. 能适应的;可修改的

adaptation n. 适应;改编;改写本


①To all of you, fresh students, how to adapt yourselves to the new environment is the first thing that you have to face.新同学们,对你们大家来说,如何使自己适应新环境是你们首先要面对的事情。

②The materials can be adapted for use by older children.这些材料改一下可以给大一点的孩子用。


Adaptable animals can adapt to changeable surroundings in a short time. 适应性强的动物能在短时间内适应多变的环境。



15. add /?d/ vt.添加,增加;补充说


add to 增加;增添

add … to把……加进

add up 相加, 合计

add up to 合计达

add (that) … 补充说……

(2) addition n. 加;(数)加法;增加

in addition 另外

in addition to 除……之外


additive n. 添加剂/物;a.累积的


①It is known to us all that good friends add to happiness and value to our life.我们都知道好朋友会增添我们生活的幸福和价值。

②Add up all the figures and find out what they add up to.把这些数字加起来,弄清楚总计多少。

③In addition, we can gradually develop a closer friendship while enjoying these activities.另外,我们能够在享受这些活动的同时逐渐发展更亲密的友谊。

④We will not be using these additional

functions. 我们不打算使用这些额外的功能。


In addition, if you add no one to your

list, thenonly you can access your files. 此外,如果您的列表中没有添加任何人,那么只有您可以访问你的文件。

16.addict /'?d?kt/n.对(药物等)上瘾的人;瘾君子vt.使上瘾


addict oneself to…溺于……;醉心于……

be/become/get addicted to …沉迷于……;热爱……,迷上……

(2) addictive adj. 使人上瘾的

(3) addiction n. 瘾,入迷,嗜好(常与to连用)


①Teenagers who are addicted to the Internet are more likely to suffer from depression.有网瘾的青少年更可能患忧郁症。

②Some students are now fighting their addiction to computer games.现在一些学生正努力戒除电脑游戏瘾。


Playing computer games can be a dangerous addiction. It often starts as a hobby, but it is so addictivethat many young people are addicted to it. Sometimes the addictwill break the law in order to play these games. 玩电脑游戏可能是一种危险的成瘾。它往往开始作为一种爱好,但它是如此上瘾,许多年轻人沉迷于它。有时瘾君子会为了玩这些游戏而触犯法律。

17. address /?'dres/ n. 地址;演讲;v. 写姓名、地址;称呼;处理,忙于


deliver(draft out)an address(to……)(向……)发表演说(起草演说稿)

give(make)a closing(opening,funeral)address致闭(开)幕词(悼词)

addresser(或addressor)n.写信人 addressee n.收信人【例句】①How do the French address each other when they meet for the first time? 当法国人第一次见面时,他们如何称呼对方?

②At the airport he read an address of welcome on behalf of the association.在机场他代表该协会致了欢迎词。




The president gave an address on the scene, calling on people to address the serious problem together. 总统在现场发表讲话,呼吁人们共同解决这个严重的问题。

18. adjust /?'d??st/ v. 调整,调节;适应,习惯(同adapt)


adjust (oneself) to (doing) sth. 适应(做)某事




①I do not know how I should adjust my

state of mind. 我不知道我应该怎么调整我的心态。

②Mother was worried about whether she could adjust to living in the mountainous village alone.母亲担心她能否适应独自一人生活在那个山村里。

③Because of the economic crisis, they had to make many adjustments to the price of oil.由于经济危机,他们不得不对石油的价格进行了许多调整。


If you don’t make any immediate adjustment, you won’t adapt to the change right away. 如果你不立即做出调整,你就不会马上适应这种变化。

19. admire /?d'ma??/ v. 钦佩;羡慕;欣赏;观赏


(1)admire sb. for sth. 因某事而钦佩某人

admire to do sth.喜欢(做)、想要

(2)admirable a. 令人钦佩的;值得赞扬的

(3)admirationn. 钦佩;羡慕;令人钦佩的人/物

with/in admiration 钦佩地

(4)admirer n. 爱慕者,钦佩者

admiring a.赞美的,羡慕的


①I admire him for his bravery and learning.我钦佩他胆识过人,学识渊博。

②He was looking at the picture with admiration.他正以赞叹的神情赏画。

③He gave her an admiring look in the competition.在比赛中,他向她投以赞赏的一瞥。


He was really an admirable hero and all the surrounding people gave him admiring cheers. 他真是一个令人钦佩的英雄,围观的人都给与他钦佩的欢呼。

20. admit /?d'm?t/ vt. 承认;供认(反deny);准入;接纳,招收


admit doing/having done sth. 承认做/做过某事

admit sb. to/into 准许某人进入……;允许某人加入……

be admitted to/into 被接收(入学/入院/入党)等

admit that … 承认……

admission n. 承认;供认;准入;接纳;入场费


①She apologised to me and admitted having taken my umbrella by mistake.她向我道歉并承认错拿了我的伞。

②With the help of the teachers he had made rapid progress in his studies. At last he was admitted to/into a famous university.在老师的帮助下,他的学习取得了快速的进步。最后他被一所著名大学录取了。


Admittedly, the new environment takes a while to adapt to. But you have to make active adjustment immediately. Or you won’t be admitted into the university. 不可否认的是,需要一段时间才能适应新环境。但是你要做出积极的调整。否则,你不会被大学录取。



1. Though you have great(able), you are not able to do everything alone.

2.(absorb) in her work, she didn’t notice the leader’s presence.

3. You can not use the computer for free.(addition), you do not have access to the databases.

4. The reason is (accept) for it is a complete excuse.

5. What is the reason for her (absent) from the activity?

6. Is this museum(access) to the disabled?

7. Many students plan to work as an accountant,(account) for 30 percent.

8. Thinking the goal is(achieve), he plans to desert it.

9. Don’t worry. All the chairs and desks are (adjust). They are suitable for all pupils.

10. She was lucky to be accepteda member of the club.


1. What about move about in the garden for a while?

2. Our teachers encourage us to think active and freely.

3. The kids were talking loudly and playing wildly at the teacher’s absence.

4. Reading enable you to learn about the world without going out.

5. James got my invitation but he didn’t receive it, which upset me.

6. The successful film is actual adapted from an unknown novel.

7. The new forest park adds the attraction of the city.

8. His disability was causing in an car accident last May.

9. Try your best to adapt to live in the countryside. When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.

10. The disabled man abandoned the chance of going to abroad.


1. The accountant (承认犯错) when adding up the numbers.

2. If you (不能) shake hands because of illness, apologize and explain at once.

3. The house has lots of advantages: new and quiet. (最重要的是), it is rather cheap.

4. To settle the problem, you need to (考虑) all of the possibilities.

5. When he stepped into the basement, it took a while for his eyes to (适应) the inky darkness.


1. 校长正要讲话时开始下雨了。(be about to do sth.…when, deliver an address)


2. 每个学生都可以使用电子图书馆。(have access to)


3. 获得能力需要花费很多时间。(it takes time to do sth.)


4. 因为一次意外,那位女演员没有实现目标。(on account of, achieve one’s goal)


5. 虽然他有伟大的成就,他仍然没有被接纳为院士(academician)。(accept…as)




1. ability/abilities 2. Absorbed 3. Additionally 4. unacceptable 5. absence 6. accessible 7. accounting 8. unachievable 9. adjustable 10. as


1. move→ moving 2. active→ actively 3. at→ in 4. enable→ enables 5. receive→ accept 6.actual→ actually 7. 在adds后面加to 8. causing→ caused 9. live→ living 10. 去掉to


1. admitted making mistakes 2. be unable to 3. Above all 4. take into account 5. adjust/adapt to


1. The headmaster was about to deliver an address when it began to rain.

2. Each student has access to the e-library.

3. It takes a lot of time to acquire ability(abilities).

4. On account of an accident, the actress didn’t achieve her goal.

5. Though he had great achievement(s), he was not accepted as an academician.


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